With soul and hart

Tramerka Tavern is a place with sould and hart. We cook the way we do it at home, in family circle, with foods that we either produce ourselves or find in baskets and networks of small producers and fishermen. The source of Tramerk’s culinary ideas is, above all, the Adriatic with its riches in front of us. However, we named the tavern according to our favorite island in the Zadar archipelago. On the back, however, Ucka – our second inspiration and Istria – is where our roots come from. We are greatful that we can make the best of it, both natural and fresh on both sides.

Fisherman’s rare catch

We like to cook without waste. We love it when a fisherman brings us a rare catch that morning. We love nature. The Tramerka Manifesto is clear: that extra spice to the dishes is not only the desire to refresh old flavors with new ideas , but also the experience of Tramerka as a sincere and smiling place. It is the result of “living” food that inspires us, and equally wines and drinks.

Plates full of goodness

Ask us about local fishermen or cheese makers at the Opatija Market. We, most of all, love talking through plates full of goodness from our kitchen.

Yours, Tavern Tramerka team.